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Läs chatten med Steve Saviano

19 augusti 2014 13:25

I dag chattade Steve Saviano med er besökare inför torsdagens hemmapremiär på Hovet.

Tomas: What do you think about the CHL jerseys? I saw them today and thought they looked awesome! A real Djurgården jersey.
Steve: They look really sharp. I think they are a step up from last year. The guys are looking good in them!!!!

skinkan: what do you think about our chances of making the playoffs?
Steve: 6 teams make the playoffs direct, then 4 other teams battle to get in. I don't see why we wont be in the hunt to be a top 6 team. If not we will be battling to get in either way. So to answer your question I think we have a good chance!!!

Erik: What is your expectation for the upcoming season? For the team? For you personally?
Steve: We will be battling to make the playoffs. We have a winning culture in our team and we plan on keeping it. Personally I don't really know yet. All I know right now is I am going to bring a lot of energy to the ice and to the locker room. Other than that my role will fall into place in a couple weeks!!

John: Steve, what do think of the new signings for this season?
Steve: Everyone seems to fit in nicely. Samulsson just arrived this week and you can already see he will be great for us. The other signings have been here for all summer and they look good and ready. I know they are all excited to play in the Hovet with the DIF fans behind them and not against them!!

Pistol-Pete: What is the best/worst thing about Sweden?
Steve: Best thing about Sweden is probably how welcoming everyone is to foreigners. I know being from America that can not be the case sometimes. It seems Sweden likes what we bring to your culture. The worst part about Sweden is sur stromming. Spelling not sure about, but that smell is something I never want to smell again!!

Martin: Hi Steve! I'm so glad to see you continue this year! Last year was a great team effort from a very tight group. Can you see the same kind of team spirit building this year?
Steve: Yes I can, It will be a new challenge this year in the SHL but us as a group will take it on together. Thats the most important thing!!

the dyke : Are you aloud to eat candy?
Steve: Really Micke!!!!!!!

Mange: Hi Steve! Glad to have you fighting in our team. Give us your thought on the atmosphere in Hovet during the season. Were there any peaks, any memorable moments and do you sometimes compare the loudness in other arenas compared to ours? Give us some special thoughts o those away games when DIF had a lot of support in the audience (for example in the play-off serie). Great to have you in our team, GLHF this season!
Steve: Dif fans are amazing. I will tell you this, the reason we are back in the SHL is because of you guys last season. I can't describe how much energy you gave us. I know players usually say that but honestly it was absolutely they case in the end of the season last year. We need that again this year. Its an important year for the organization!! Thanks for the support.

Daniel: Hi Steve! What is the best with/in Djurgårdens Hockey? What makes you proud and motivated?
Steve: I will say 3 things. The team, the organization and the fans. Last season was a prime example when all three parts are working together. We needed everyone involved to do what we did. Thats what is motivating to me, when everything comes together and you accomplish something great.

Tomas: Do you look forward to playing in the CHL or does it feel like ordinary preseason games?
Steve: I am looking forward to it. It seems it will be a lot more fun then just going to another Swedish team and playing a meaningless game. It will be fun to travel to a new place and see teams from other leagues. I always enjoy that.

Tomas: What are your personal goals this season? With your experience from Växjö?
Steve: I have been in this situation before. I understand whats going on. Its a new level now that we are up in the SHL again. Personally I will need patience and make sure to remind my self and my team that we belong in this league.

Upz: Would you rather have AIK in SHL or do you prefer to have down in Allsvenskan?
Steve: It was fun playing AIK in the kvalserin last season. I prefer them in the Allsvenskan, cause if they weren't that means we would not have gone up!!!!

Daniel: what do you think of the new new middle zone?
Steve: The middle zone is something to get used to. It makes the offensive zone so big. The wingers will have a much more difficult time on the defensive side because the opposing defensemen will have a lot more room on the blue line. Will see how it plays out, but it will take some time getting used to.

Adam: Hi Steve! Whats the biggest difference now from when DIF was a second-tier team? Ps. Hope you had a good visit in Barcelona :-) /the guy from the plane
Steve: hahaha, I had a great time, I hope you did to. I am sure you did with the crew you guys had. The biggest difference is mistakes. Sometimes when you make a mistake in the second tier, they puck does not end up in the back of the net. At this level it usually does. So in saying that that is the difference, but you can't play scared out there. We need to find the balance.

Magnus: Hi! Please tell me, as an old Djurgårdare why I should come and watch Djurgårn Hockey this winter, I havnt been there since the playoffs against Linköping 4-5 years ago :-) Also, who do you think will get a breakthru this season i the beautiful jersey of Djurgården
Steve: I will tell you what, last year was my first season here. I don't know how it was like before that, but you missed an unbelievable season last year. I don't want you to miss another one. The fans were a big part of our success and we need you, so get yourself back to the Hovet!!!!

iso: Do you feel like you have a better opportunity to prove yourself in SHL this year with Djurgården then you had in Växjö a few years ago?
Steve: I would say so, I have been in this situation before, and I believe it will help me this season a lot. I have a good opportunity in this team and I need to prove that everyday!!

Pär: Hi Steve! I'm happy you decided to stay with us for this important season. Everyone knows about your stunning speed, expecially the acceleration. It left all opponents behind in the Allsvenskan. How do you think it ranks in SHL?
Steve: I am not sure. All I know at this level eveyrthing happens a little quicker so I need trust my instincts. If I do that I will be fine.

Daniel: Is it hard to adopt the moved lines on the ice? Boxplay becomes like an airfield :)
Steve: I am having a little trouble getting used to all the space. I almost want to use Englund stick on boxplay because there is so much ice out there. We will get used to it. It is a new challenge thats for sure.

Pistol-Pete: Do you have any favourite dish before a game?
Steve: My favorite dish is Chicken Parm!!! But unfortunately it is not very common in Sweden. So I will settle with any sort of pasta. I don't like eating potatos but it seems thats all you can eat in this country sometimes..haha.

Seattle: How do you think the team will benefit of having a really experienced goalkeeper compared to last year?
Steve: It is very important. When you have trust in your goalie then our team defense will be more confident then that will create offense. It is so important, and both our goalies are looking good at the moment.

Douglas Murray: What's you favorit chant from us fans?
Steve: I like the chant when everybody is jumping. Please don't ask what exactly you are saying but it is awesome!!!

Anders: What other sport do you like except hockey?
Steve: I love American Football. Its the most entertaining sport to me. I am starting to love to play tennis, and golf is always great.

Gus: Hi Steve. I'm really glad you're still playing in Djurgårdens jersey. Which venue do you prefer to play at Hovet or the Globe?
Steve: I have never played in the Globen, so I am looking forward to it. The Hovet gets really loud and seems like a good advantage. Will see what the globen brings. I am just happy to tell family back home that I played in the big golf ball in Stockholm.

Vikas: What thoughts were running through your head after the buzzer in the last game against Västerås when the other games were not over yet? Were you aware of the results throughout the entire 3rd period?
Steve: I didn't know the result. I just assumed when we were up 6 1 that we had a great chance. Then once we found out, it was very emotional. We had a long road last season, with a lot of ups and downs, so to come out on top was amazing.

Vladimir Orszagh: What is your take on Dustin Johner's singing efforts?
Steve: Singing is not his best attribute thats for sure. But he was a big part of the Saviano Express song last season.

Mats: Hi. Name one forward and one defense player you believe will have a breakthru this season
Steve: I think Linus Arnesson and Philip Holm will have a great year. Also Marcus Sorenson and Markus Ljungh will establish themselves at this level. Sorry thats two each.

FredrikF: Whats the diffrence from when you were in Växjö the first season in Elitserien/SHL and from this year with DIF?
Steve: Well it is yet to be seen the difference yet, but I know personally I am happy I have been through this situation before. Its not an easy task the first year back in the SHL but we will attack the challenge together.

Samuel : You think Djurgården win the First SHL match this season ?
Steve: I think we have a great chance at home in Hovet. Its always an emotional game the first match. That will help us that we are on home ice.

Mike: Hello Steve! How would you describe the coaching staff (Särkijärvi, Nyman and Zabel) in terms of how they work with the players? Good luck for the coming season! :-)
Steve: I think we have coaches that want to be successful and that work extremely hard. They are very organized and that makes our jobs as players very easy. We know what they want, so their communication to the players is very good.

theo: who is the funnies guy in the team ?
Steve: Funny looking.. there are a lot of us, but we have a lot of characters too. Honken, Ahlen, are always in the middle of something.

Calle: A big part of the team is preserved from last year, a lot of guys are the same. How big of an advantage would you say this is, to already have a sort of a core group going?
Steve: It is very important. We have the winning attitude and culture already. Now at the new level you need to bring in big pieces to the puzzle. I think we have done a really good job balancing it. I am liking the way the group is looking.

Patrik: What role would you say you have as a member in the team?
Steve: My role is to bring energy to the team on and off the ice. I love playing hockey and I try to show that everyday.

madeleine: Good luck this season :) ? DiF ?
Steve: Thank you very much!!!!!

Robinm: Do you have any personal goals for the season?
Steve: As you get older playing, personally I want to do well, but winning is my goal. It makes everything more fun. I want to be a big part of the team, and focusing on winning usually gets me there.

Krille1891: Who is youre favorite in this years team?
Steve: Guter, Ljungh, Sorenson, I really want to see these three establish themselves at this level.

Alex: What is your favourite Swedish food?
Steve: What ever my wife cooks me..hahaha No but seriously I love cold smoked salmon. It is amazing.

Nicklas: if you had the chance to pick 2 players to play in same line as you who would you pick? it can be retired players also
Steve: Cam Neely and Sidney Crosby

Ola: Would you say that Djurgården is the most special organization that you’ve played with so far in your career? And with special I mean the supporters the atmosphere, the history etc...
Steve: Absolutely. I played many years in Vaxjo, and it was great in a different way, but it was the start of an organization. It is growing as we speak. But playing for Djurgarden with the history and tradition already there, its almost takes you back a bit and realize what your a part of.

Robin: Why number 15?
Steve: Honestly I have only every played with number 12 and 8 since I was 14 years old. 12 was retired already and 8 Linus is wearing. Then I had the trouble of finding a new number. With the tradition and history in DIF i only had about 4 options between 1-30, so I picked 15. I like the number a lot. I am not a high number guy.

Emil: Who is the funniest trashtalker in the team?
Steve: Everybody is trash talking in Swedish so not sure. I would say Ahlen!

Scores: Have you been practicing your finishing on breakaways? If you up your percentage on those you'll end up in NHL :) Great to still have you on the team!
Steve: I am working on it. The coaches are working on it with me as well. Hopefully I will score a couple more this season for you.

Filipov: Who will produce the most points this year?
Steve: Samuelsson should be up there. He has only been here a couple days and he looks good. He should be a good role model for a lot of the young guys.

Jim Morrison: Would you say you prefer playing in a team with a good and stabile top9 or a top6 heavy team? I'd say the top9 is better in the long run.
Steve: I like a solid 12...haha, but seriously the good offensive teams have balance scoring. Every line is going to have there bad games, so the more lines that can produce the better.

Pär: What is a "Steve Saviano" situation on the ice, one where you feel that you're at your best and have an advantage over other players?
Steve: I would say the trasition play is where I have the most advantage. That when the opposing D are usually thinking offense, so hopefully I can catch them and get a step on them.

Chef: You get to use 5 ingredients to cook food for the rest of your life, which ones?
Steve: spicy tomato sause, pasta, meat, oregano, bread. I hope I answered that ok.

Steve: Thanks for all the questions!!! It was fun to hear from the fans. This will be an exciting season so fasten your seat belts and get on board for the ride. See you Thursday at the CHL premiere!!